Communication Working Group

Communication Working Group

aids2031 Working Paper Series

aids2031 has commissioned special issue papers exploring critical issues for the long-term AIDS response.

30) Future Connect: A review of Social Networking Today, Tomorrow and Beyond and Challenges for AIDS Communicators

The aids2031 Communication Working Group’s task is to examine the global communication environment and both its positive, and potentially negative, implications for global and local AIDS responses.

The Communication Working group chaired by Denise Gray-Felder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Communication for Social Change Consortium will facilitate dialogue and generate findings at regional, national and local levels through public dialogues, commissioned research and web based interactive conversations to catalyze new thinking around key questions relating to communication challenges that include;

  • How can we best influence public beliefs and attitudes about AIDS during the next 25 years?
  • With dramatic growth in communications infrastructure, how do we engage those people able to jumpstart a revolution aimed at fighting AIDS with new communications tools?
  • What new communication leadership is needed and how do we galvanize it?
  • How do hear new voices and reach those who have previously not been heard? Can we create a sense of collective responsibility at societal levels?