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Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine calls aids2031 book "necessary"

Tue, 19 Jul 2011

The Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine published a review of the aids2031 Consortium's recent book, noting that the changing context of the world's perception of the AIDS "crisis" has created a need for more accessible scholarship like AIDS: Taking a Long-Term View. The book is able to broadly and deeply examine the current state of the HIV/AIDS issue, as reviewers Ilaria Regondi and Alan Whiteside assert.

"The book succinctly takes stock of what the world of HIV has achieved, what it could have done differently, and what it should do today to ensure that 2031, the anniversary marking 50 years since AIDS was first reported, will be a party and not a funeral," they note. "In so doing, the group of academics and high-level practitioners that authored it – the aids2031 Consortium – provides a much-needed vision going forward."

Regondi and Whiteside make clear that the book is not revolutionary in its recommendations - which are important and necessary actions that should be taken in order to prevent an increase in HIV infections in the next twenty years. But the book, they say, is revolutionary in its call for attention to policies, actions, and financing options that should be obvious and relatively efficient to implement. In fact, the obvious nature of the recommendations given by the aids2031 Consortium are "exactly what is most significant about the book," say Regondi and Whiteside. 

They note that "[the book] tells us what we know we should be doing but aren’t doing. The greatest challenge in 2011 will be to ensure that these recommendations don’t fall on deaf ears."

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